Pisca | Cameron TaylorTaylor is a former local lad and the packed crowd at this new Fringe Festival venue were very responsive to his show.

Taylor has a strong stage presence – he barely uttered a word during the performance but his considerable miming ability carried the show pretty well.

Adopting the persona of a newly born duckling, the lanky actor worked the stage in long woollen tights topped with a balletic tutu of downy white feathers. His blue and white, exaggerated stage make-up reinforced the memory of Marcel Marceau. The show began with a clever performance by two sock puppets (ostriches, I think they were?) also miming affection for each other to a taped version of Endless Love.

A surprising feature of Taylor’s stage style is the use of songs, sung by himself. He has a good voice. Those songs, sound effects and lighting changes were the links between what was essentially a series of sight gags.

I could not fault Taylor’s interaction with the crowd. He virtually charmed male members of the audience onto the stage and they responded with alacrity. One particular audience encounter allowing a brief cheeky reference to the currently trending equal marriage issue.

There were moments of utter hilarity; for example as before our eyes Taylor, tutu rippling provocatively, morphed into a disco queen version of Love is in the Air. His timing and responses to the audience reaction were impeccable. Few artists could claim to provoke such a loud and positive “quack” response in such a short time!

I felt the writing of this show needed to tighten up. That said, I’m already looking forward to seeing his next Fringe show.


2018 Perth Fringe Festival

by Cameron Taylor

Venue: The Palace [email protected] Palace | 26 Queen St, Perth WA
Dates: 27 January – 4 February 2018
Tickets: $32 – $26
Bookings: fringe.world.com.au



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