The Nicest Person in the Room | Nicola MacriStand-up comedy for the Insta-savvy crowd.

Whether or not she is a “good person”, Nicola Macri is eager to entertain with her enthusiastic sharing of her interactions with the world. With a social media native’s awareness of the importance of framing, she makes her case for her niceness from many angles, including a critique of too much niceness existing, generally.

Covering a range of references including Instagram accounts for Pomeranians, Dolly magazine quizzes, the Facebook page of a dog retirement village in Tennessee, a particular 1988 aerobics video clip, the national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago and the karmic merits of learning to drive, Macri hits all the hot topics. While some rants name check Donald Trump, Macri is more concerned with the personal politics of the daily struggle of coping (or not) with the existence of ugly people. She also workshops a method to channel personal angst into vocal enthusiasm for Fringe performances. Macri’s strong sense of comic timing punctuates her observations with zing, delivered with an ironic hair flick and wry smile.

For an old school take on stand-up comedy, the skirting of any depth or original observation in political references is mildly frustrating, and the assumption that the audience agrees with an anti-Trump vibe seems facile, albeit – from the response around the room – accurate. However, the young crowd responds well to the light, casual touch with each change of topic and eagerly follows Macri’s directions to check a pet dog’s Instagram account, and read the comments. Macri’s references to social media, various apps, websites and other electronic interactions are natural, reflecting a performer and audience embedded in this environment, and resonating well with the target audience. For those not immersed in the world of smart phone, streaming service and social media offerings, the in-jokes can range from anthropologically fascinating to rather irritating.

Bringing more than carefully worked anecdotes and crafted punchlines, Macri performs a live YouTube beauty hall style itemisation of her eyebrow makeup items, in a demonstration of how she has embraced personal change and self-improvement in her own life (spoiler – Macri has amazing natural eyebrows and, despite not having applied any product for the show, was fully on fleek). Further, she proves her whole hearted dedication to comedy performance by her live recreation of a full 80’s aerobics routine, without the big hair, spandex, leg warmers, or the other 35 people who took turns in the original video. The extended recovery pause required before delivering her punchline, further demonstrates her willingness to suffer for her art.

The show may not definitively conclude whether or not Macri is actually “The Nicest Person in the Room” but she brings a funny show, relevant to Snapchatters everywhere.

The Nicest Person in the Room
by Nicola Macri

Venue: Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den | 292 Beaufort Street, Northbridge
Date: 30 July 2017
Tickets: $5 


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