Ickypedia | The ListiesIn a world premiere at the Fart* Centre Melbourne this week, the phenomenally successful kidult comedy duo, The Listies, adapted their giggle-inducing, extremely awesome, disgustingly clever, word-smashing dictionary, Ickypedia, to the stage. And can I just say, how ridiculously excellent it was.

Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly originally called themselves “The List Operators” (based on their ‘list making’ shtick), so in keeping with the theme, I decided to write a list explaining why you must get to the Fart Centre immediately:

1. Their mantra is “never be boring”. Tick

2. There’s a giant inflatable snot monster, toilet roll cannons, string spray cans, bin juice and bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. Oh, and ACDC’s It’s A Long Way To The Top.

3. Matt is adoringly dim-witted with fantastically exaggerated facial expressions and very very likeable.

4. Rich plays the comedic foil brilliantly – task orientated and endlessly frustrated with a nice looking moustache. Also very very likeable.

5. They are talented improvisers and great impressionists. 

At the mere mention of a poocumber sandwich, they launch into a very funny Pride and Prejudice inspired skit. I’m assuming they’d still cut the crusts off.

6. There’s physical comedy aplenty – lungeing here and there, silly walks, slo-mo, mime and slapstick.

7. They’ve been recognised, nominated and awarded, deservedly so, for their Children’s comedy. Ever respectful of their audience, their work is a lovely study of simplicity and the power and sheer fun of werds (Matt’s spelling.)

8. Rich tells us “this show is educational” or as Matt says, interrupting, “about getting heaps smarter.” A stern Rich continues, “learning is no laughing matter.” Ah, yes it is.

9. Matt says, “I love my job”. It shows.

And finally

10. The gross out factor. It’s Rated D for disgusting.

* Their words not mine

Arts Centre Melbourne and The Listies’ present

Venue: Fairfax Studio | Arts Centre Melbourne
Dates: 11 – 15 July 2017
Bookings: 1300 182 183 | www.artscentremelbourne.com.au


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