Frozen | Disney on IceLeft – Anna and Olaf. Cover – Elsa. Photos – © Disney

Is it just me or is the ongoing proliferation of miniature Elsa clones just a little bit chilling? Children of the corn Disney style?

Personal freak outs aside, four years after Frozen was released to box office fanfare, it is impressive to see it’s ongoing obsessive fandom with the 6 and unders.

Disney on Ice has upped the whizz-bangery for this production – rather than snippets taken from the beloved empire, we have a full recreation of the most successful animated movie ever made. There are screens suspended in an icicle formation from the roof displaying projections of scenery, lashings of snow and pyrotechnics in all the right places.

And as the entire Frozen story is sent gliding across the ice with every instantly recognisable outfit recreated perfectly, it is simply impossible for the thousands of Elsa clones to be disappointed. Olaf is allowed plenty of time in the spotlight to melt hearts with his sweet, simpleton humour and Kristoff’s family of trolls are given full quirky flight.

The parents may fall into two camps: merrily singing along with pre-schooler, or withering under the strains of Let It Go for the gazillionth time like Chinese water torture. Either way, the dramatic choreography, graceful, snazzy skating and much-loved plot-line are enough to slip a hypnotic glaze over an audience of Frozen fans.

Due to popular demand, the show returns to Hisense Arena for 4 extra shows on the 22nd and 23rd July.

Disney on Ice presents

Hisense Arena, Melbourne
5 – 9 & 22 –23 July 2017

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park
12 – 17 July 2017

Visit: for more information


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