Screw Loose | Emily VascottoEmily is a girl and she lives in a unit, she’s nice and normal and she’s really sweet – or at least that’s what the main character of Screw Loose would have you believe. But it doesn’t take long before the audience of this one woman show finds out that Emily is really a stalker who locks boys in her closet, follows them home from the supermarket and has a penchant for jealousy.

Featuring in the Queensland Cabaret Festival, Screw Loose follows Emily’s journey chasing love, meandering through tales about childhood crushes and international flings, leading ultimately to revelations about restraining orders and breakups involving tears and cricket bats. It’s a charming, quirky and devilishly funny show about a modern-day stalker who just really wants to find true love, bonus points if it’s reciprocated.

Emily Vascotto is the star of the show and she suits the spotlight. Her powerful voice fills the theatre, and she maintains a sense of endearing earnestness throughout, which wins the audience over from the opening scene.

Accompanied on piano by Ben Murray, she tackles everything from classic and cute audition number Kindergarten Love Song, to Adele’s Hello, to Carrie Underwood’s country revenge song Before He Cheats. It’s an eclectic soundtrack put together wonderfully to showcase Vascotto’s brilliant voice while telling a very humorous tale. The highlight of the show is the title number Screw Loose, from musical Cry-Baby, which Vascotto absolutely nails.

The show has been expertly directed by Gabriella Flowers. Understated movements and little lines of choreography add authenticity to Vascotto’s character, and are matched by simple but effective lighting and staging. There’s a stillness and confidence to Vascotto’s performance which captures attention perfectly onstage, and it’s clear that there’s been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to enable this show to hit the potential of every moment, and it’s really worth the effort.

Screw Loose is a really fun night at the theatre. If you’re looking for an upbeat but darkly funny piece of entertainment to fill your evening, this is the show for you.

2017 Queensland Cabaret Festival
Screw Loose
by Emily Vascotto

Directed by Gabriella Flowers

Venue: Queensland Multicultural Centre | 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, QLD
Dates: 7 – 8 June 2017
Tickets: $30 – $35


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