Lady Beatle | The Little Red Company & La Boite Theatre CompanyFifty years after Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, cabaret Lady Beatle celebrates the music of The Beatles at La Boite.

Created by The Little Red Company’s Naomi Price and Adam Brunes, the team behind hit shows Rumour Has It and Wrecking Ball, Lady Beatle explores the world of The Beatles and those who surrounded them as they rose to fame. Price, who stars in the show, plays a character who goes by the pseudonym “Lady Beatle”, leaving the audience to guess just who she represents as she tells stories of encounters with The Beatles between songs. Inspired by true accounts from the time, throughout the show are peppered little glimpses of the four Beatles, and the people who made up their world.

Naomi Price has the kind of voice that can raise goosebumps on arms when singing any song – combining this talent with the music of The Beatles is a stroke of genius. Supported by ‘The Lonely Hearts Club Band’, she belts and croons, sometimes playing on the twee nature of some Beatles songs, before delving deep into the emotion of their masterful lyrics. While they do provide backing vocals, the band do not try to emulate the four-part harmonies so synonymous with The Beatles’ sound. Featuring new arrangements and medleys of popular hits, Lady Beatle will have you enjoying your favourite Beatles songs in a whole new way.

As expected with cabaret, the set simple, designed to highlight the performers on stage. LED lights dance, twinkle and strobe above the band, with cabaret-style table seating on the floor in front of La Boite’s in-the-round seating bank. While it’s always heartening to see a long line out the door of a theatre’s entrance, on a sold-out night the theatre feels very crowded, and lacks a little of the intimacy the show deserves. Price does well to engage the audience and bring them actively along for the ride, but those seated further up can have the impression that they are watching the rest of the audience watch a great show, as they look down upon the action.

There’s a chance you’ve never heard of “Lady Beatle”, but by the end of this show, you will be intimately acquainted. Lady Beatle is an easy to enjoy night at the theatre: fans of The Beatles will love the music, fans of cabaret will adore Price’s energy and emotional range. With the last performance slated for June 3, Brisbane audiences will need to book quickly before they miss out on meeting “Lady Beatle” for themselves.

The Little Red Company & La Boite Theatre Company present
Lady Beatle
Created by Naomi Price and Adam Brunes

Venue: Roundhouse Theatre | Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove QLD
Dates: 25 May – 3 June 2017
Tickets: $30 – $70


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