Sex, Drugs and Allergies | Suns of FredHigh energy, relentlessly upbeat performance from a talented trio.

Suns of Fred have many dedicated fans, and this Perth Comedy Festival performance showcases their talent, quips and tight execution that keep punters wanting more of their signature style of fast-paced, multidisciplinary entertainment.

With technical difficulties delaying the start of the one hour show, Suns of Fred never pause for breath or extended applause, their usual rapid delivery not taking time for any breaks. Arriving onto stage together, the three launch into skanky choreographed moves, dismissed by Sly as being not representative of their actual class. Leaving stage for a reprised entry, three consecutive solo entries allow us to meet the three distinct stage personas that comprise Suns of Fred. Delighted to be here, despite a shifting soundtrack and booming voiceover that emphasises his “mystery” ethnicity, Fox struggles to represent himself. Fox’s role as the fall guy is a recurring motif, as the beleaguered musician is left to play the guitar, provide harmonies and set up punchlines... while the other two discount his efforts and tag each other in increasingly riotous routines. Sly is next to arrive, rocking out across the stage to some heavy metal and miming all the instruments as the coolest kid on stage. His attitude and aura of aspiring rock god inform all his moves and even his stance as he waits, sneers and directs the show. Mickey J is last on to stage, but takes all the attention with his delight in his own sensuous dance moves. He’s so excited, his excitement expressed through contemporary dance initially, and then Michael Jackson homage and slow running as his excitement grows.

While all three performers are masters of physical comedy, have absolute control over their facial expressions and perfectly time their sight gags, they are best known for their songs. A further introductory sequence has them reprising barbershop style close harmony, takes Mickey J through his audition paces with lyrical slating of naturopathy and tap dance accompaniment and introduces us to their own boy band, the Deviated Septums. Even when vying with each other for nasal distortion, they are easy on the ear and their dance moves have their own stories to accompany the cleverly parodied lyrics.

From the down and dirty silliness of an air guitar competition to a celebration of Australia Day that examines every ugly or ignoble facet of modern Australian society, a public health ditty about smoking that segues into an insight to their improvisational prowess and leads the audience in a stirring chorus about oral sex, Suns of Fred never let up on the energy and excitement. Until it’s all over, Mickey J and Sly give us the time of our life with 80s inspired romantic dance moves while Fox gets on with packing up his gear...

...before the lights come up, Fox is alone on stage and treats us to another side of him, complete with hilarious eye candy and his high wattage bright grin. A twist to the show that the fans love and that knocks the socks off those who did not see that one coming (sorry for spoilers, but it’s worth seeing!).

A celebration of slapstick, sexy dancing, songcraft, mime, clowning and even puns, a Suns of Fred show is a mini comedy festival in itself.

2017 Perth Comedy Festival
Sex, Drugs and Allergies
Suns of Fred

Venue: Studio Underground | State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth Cultural Centre
Date: 18 May 2017
Tickets: $28.50


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