Critically Wil | Wil AndersonWil Anderson was at his scathingly funny best. No mean achievement as he had just suffered a ghastly series of flight delays even getting to Perth.

Given that he has spent the last 4 years split between U.S. and Australia he had plenty of material to discuss about America, the last election and very briefly (how refreshing) about Donald Trump. Instead Anderson fulminated on “American exceptionalism”. How Americans believe they are the best in the world at everything!

Anderson’s critiques, ranged from personal foibles to much broader topics such as TV show panels, on which he is an expert, given his years hosting The Gruen Transfer. He is a comedian whose barbs have developed over the years, into part of his routine. Unlike other political commentators, he has never lost his general appeal and his gags and impersonations are still hilarious. Witness the full houses.

Other topics were yearly inclusions in the Oxford Dictionary of New Words and his shock at the ignorance of a friend who saw on the web and then believed there was a practise by the Chinese of baby-eating. A lot of this show was predicated on the theory “That you are what you think.”

There was a wonderfully funny extended gag about Roy Orbison being an albino. It embroidered on the idea that if you tell a supposed fact and there is incredulity, you just add detail after supposed detail to verify the first fact. What you want to believe is correct; vis climate change. Not happening! Vaccines could cause autism. Really?

Anderson has developed his act to be far more socially aware in comment than ever before.

He is still the most wonderful entertainer and such fun to spend time with.

2017 Perth Comedy Festival
Critically Wil
Wil Anderson

Venue: Regal Theatre | 474 Hay St, Subiaco WA
Dates: 12 – 13 May 2017
Tickets: $54


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