It's Got To Be Perfect | Anna MorrisIt’s not every day you get invited to a wedding. Even stranger is when you know neither: the Bride, Groom nor any other guests. The absurdity of the situation is exactly the setting of Bridezilla, Georgina’s Wedding Rehearsal. Now reaching triple digits, Georgina has gone to great lengths to ensure her marriage ceremony to wealthy Liberal politician Simon goes off without a hitch.

Performed by the charming Anna Morris, Georgina is a love-to-hate character with more than enough sweetness to balance out her spicy temper.

In a “Choose-your-own-adventure” style performance, the audience is encouraged (read: forced) to participate in making Georgina’s special day everything she’s ever hoped for.

Having an audience of guests to choose from, Georgina finds herself with a new father to walk her down the aisle, maid of honor, best man and of course the coveted role of Simon.

With the right of amount of sassy snobbery, the British comedienne smashes through the class system and is well versed in Australian politics and pop culture.

After the roles have been cast and it’s time for the big day, a few of Georgina’s secrets are revealed, and as her character’s hard surface begins to crack she becomes more endearing to her audience.

Let me preface this next sentence with the fact that I have been to A LOT of comedy festival shows, and I’m proud to say that this is the first time I’ve seen a Unicorn gore a man off stage. That is the beauty of this style of performance, it is risky, but with the right audience and a commanding performer, it can really pay off.

As the wedding rehearsal turns into disarray and fiancé Simon finally arrives, Georgina’s true character is revealed in a celebration colour, music and the realisation that perfect isn’t always what you imagined it to be.

CatFace Talent presents
It's Got To Be Perfect
Anna Morris

Venue: Tuxedo Cat, 293 Latrobe Street, Melbourne
Dates: 29 March – 9 April 2017
Tickets: $15 – $21


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