No Offence, None Taken | Anne EdmondsWith an overactive imagination, quirky view of the world and some complex relationship issues, Anne Edmonds has some brilliantly trippy ideas about life.

A personal favourite is the notion that retirees possibly pose the greatest threat to society. With Baby Boomers being blamed for many of today’s problems I like the idea of old age pensioners rising up to redeem their generation and save the world. It’s sounds highly likely that Anne’s father will be leading the charge, and her mother supplying the front line with thermoses full of hot soup and tea.

Edmonds has a keen eye for eccentricity and in this show she focuses her attention on crazy families she has loved and known – including her own. She is also attentive to the minutiae of life, and makes some glorious observations about the silly everyday stuff we often overlook. Like shoe shopping, and how it can all go so badly wrong.

“I like crisises. Crises. What the f**k,” she says, as she creates a mini sit-com from another minor event, beautifully retold.

Following the thought processes is pretty funny, although I did feel the language and some material were hitting the mark more with those aged under 40.

Edmonds won the peer-nominated Comic’s Choice Award at MICF in 2015 and last year her show was nominated for the Barry Award. She’s since won some TV work and will star in her own show The Edge of the Bush as part of the ABC’s Long Story Short digital series later this year.

I won’t spoil the story behind the title of the show – No Offence, None Taken – but it poses interesting questions about who takes offence at what, from whom, and why – and includes Edmonds’ own anger with penis-bearing humans. She may never fully understand the reasons for that but we’re likely to enjoy a lot more comedy from her as she works it out.

A Token Event
No Offence, None Taken
Anne Edmonds

Venue: Banquet Room, Victoria Hotel, 215 Little Collins St
Dates: Until 23 April 2017 (no Mondays)
Tickets: $25 – $35

Suitable for audiences aged 16+


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