Disappointments | Judith Lucy & Denise ScottPopular comedians Judith Lucy and Denise Scott have officially eschewed “stand-up comedy”. No, they are tired and have opted for the relaxed option of “lie-down comedy”. In fact they have taken to this conceit like ducks to water, incorporating twin bedroom settings with sloping beds dressed in pink and side tables adorned with giant cocktail-fuelled brandy balloons. They recline majestically on either side of the stage to discuss in full their ennui; their disappointments with life.

This show is way beyond a stand-up routine, it is a full theatrical piece.

Even before we saw Lucy and Scott the audience was treated to a lengthy and ribald welcome from both on a huge screen suspended over the stage.

They are both mature women who share a lot of blighted hopes. The national tour has resonated with female audiences, in particular, It drew a very large happy crowd to the Perth Concert Hall twice over (5.30 & 7.30pm shows).

Lucy and Scott offer sage advice on drink, drugs and casual sex. It is never too late to begin.

In the midst of Scott’s monologue showcasing her career profile prior to comedy, Lucey lets slip it is her birthday. Whether or not this is the case, the audience immediately responds with a massive chorus of Happy Birthday.

Late comers are questioned and a response about “The parking” turns into a useful running gag.

There was skilful audience participation with both descending the stage to engage with willing patrons. Particularly amusing was the running chat with 19 year old Siobahn who came with her mother for a full lesson on what extraordinary changes a woman’s life can hold. Good to see Lucy acknowledge her in the final bows.

Arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, colonoscopies, younger male partners and crowd-funding for feckless uni students wanting to climb tall mountains, all got a savage serve from the deadly duo.

A clever riff about nostalgia and 80’s cool deserves special mention. Lucy executing a lightening quick version and several disparaging retakes of the 80’s hit Jesses’s Girl with ruder lyrics that could still rhyme and scan.

Then the pair descended into a “cat and dog fight”, trading insults finally finishing with the display of Scott’s nudie suit from a past show, now in a costume museum. Scott rolled out the nudie clad mannequin to multi coloured spotlights and loud music.

The finale is the reconciliation between our protagonists who then decide for the greater good it is time to embrace our disappointments, nay, even to love them.

Beyond ourselves we can love our miscalculated expectations as a country. Really?

The nationalistic finale, which I won’t reveal to future audiences, is a comic gem embracing multlculturism and, highlighted with hilarious screen images and live rhythmic gymnastics!

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott

Venue: Perth Concert Hall, WA
Date: 25 March 2017
Bookings: www.ticketmaster.com.au

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