A Little Less Conversation 3 | Dave CallanLong-time stand-up comedian Callan hit upon a wonderful variation to the usual straight delivery a few of years ago when he decided to exploit his two metre frame and huge energy to parody Britney Spears video clips. The crowds went wild as he pranced, pouted and friskily tossed his shaggy locks about.

Since then he has developed A Little Less Conversation into shows 1, 2 and now 3.

After separating the audience into groups by show of hands he drew Venn diagrams on a whiteboard to show us who would be likely candidates to enjoy his show. Though funny it was irrelevant really, as the full house were ready to rock and eager to roll.

In hilarious contrast to his desperately keen dance moves Dave introduced 4 glamorous professional lady movers, and could they move. Lithe, animated and gorgeous they provided an athletic and pretty contrast to his efforts.

To be fair this show has cost Callan dearly physically and due to injury he has had to perform at the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe shows with 1 working knee. So there are some accommodations but they are clever enough to entertain as well as give a few well needed dance routine breaks.

Callan takes an utterly random run through world and pop music history while making some astute and amusing observations on misheard lyrics and the weirdness of old video clips. Using the ladies as “volunteers” (that term was quickly dismissed once the girls shimmied and wriggled) Callan proceeded to teach them the umbrella dance.

In a stage bare beyond a huge pile of props behind him Dave began with cavemen and their dance skills. Enter the dinosaurs! Well dancers in abbreviated dino costumes.

While in dance teacher mode Callan drew upon a very good natured couple and taught them “The Lassoo.” She twirling a rodeo rope and hauling in her male partner in a series of sideways hops. As with any good natured participation the crowd roared their approval. A good looking and biddable pair. I don’t think they were “plants” but they were “roped in” again later to repeat “The Lassoo” with style and goodwill.

The history tour was abbreviated by a sharp move into the 1980’s and 90’s. Eminently suitable eras for parody with bewigged dancers, props galore and a lightning sequence of artist clips.

The S Club Party parody filmed at Neerabup was a huge highlight with the crowd. Callan taking the role of Jon with relish.

Perth-raised, Melbourne-based Irishman Callan highlighted his pleasure at coming back to Perth with a comment on the show from his Mum. “You don’t do much, do you?”

Whatever Callan does is full of sharp observations, and his sense of self-depreciation and general dagginess has won him a legion of fans. His shows are always sure-fire laughter-filled creations.

2017 Perth Fringe World Festival
Dave Callan

Venue: The Gold Digger | State Theatre Centre of WA, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 14  – 18 February 2017
Bookings: fringeworld.com.au


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