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Fondly remembered in last year’s Fringe for their hilarious show Desperate and Dateless, 2017 heralds the return of the glamorous and superbly talented a capella quartet to the Fringe World Festival. This time opening the cabaret season with 8 shows and returning for another 5 night run at the gorgeous Downstairs at the Maj

Still struggling in the love stakes the girls resolve to toughen up and make it big in business and become wealthy CEOs. In order to do this love is not completely shelved. Invoking the new and spunky Master Chef Shannon Bennett, seated Jane Patterson swoons and croons over a photo of Bennett while the others dance and sung around her waving whisks and other kitchen implements.

Finally this all becomes too much for Danielle O’Malley she reproaches Patterson telling her she must forget Bennett, after all he is married with 7 children each with an X in their name! She must instead concentrate on becoming a woman of wealth.

In fact each member had a fail-safe plan in order to become rich and powerful. These schemes were choreographed to a praying mantis theme, and everyone knows about the post-coital habits of the female praying mantis. These schemes ranged from “pub trivia weddings” with a sports presenter celebrant or even a rapper wedding. Brilliantly demonstrated by Laura Burzacott.

Another winner is “accessible action wear” with relevantly placed velour patches that can be removed a moment’s notice. Dairy and gluten-free “green” horny balls. This concoction is a powerful aphrodisiac, and a lucky (somewhat bemused older audience member is presented with a sample pack). The final marketing tool is built up as “insurance for the future”. Freeze your eggs (so that you could work longer and become wealthier before having children).

These cheeky products were interspersed with songs harking back to the man search, like “Wanted Lover, no experience necessary I will train.” Sung hilariously by Stefanie Jones.

There was a delicious phone proposal “Marry Me Gary”. "I hope it’s not on speakerphone.”

The final consensus of opinion was that it is possible to have both Love AND Money.

The closing number was a wonderful version of ‘You’ve Gotta to Be’.

As always their harmonising was impeccable and the audience shrieked with laughter at the smartly written songs and witty repartee.

Ginger and Tonic present
For Love or Money

Venue: Downstairs at the Maj | Hay Street Perth, WA
Dates: 21 January – 4 February 2017
Tickets: $31 – $40

Part of the 2017 Perth Fringe Festival


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