Perspectives | Notre Dame TheatrePerformed by an ensemble of Notre Dame University’s theatre students, and Directed by Paige Newmark, Perspectives is an original production devised collectively by the ensemble.

As a rule I am not a great believer in the method of devised theatre. My experience has been that it often produces untidy productions which present the viewer with a compilation of disparate scenes, or moments, which don’t seem to form a cohesive whole. However, this is not the case with Perspectives.

Subtitled “Every Side Has a Story”, Perspectives explores the different outcomes, different actions and, of course, different perspectives within a number of real-life situations and problems, ranging from the idea of beauty through to consent, and teen pregnancy.

The ensemble, working on this project, managed to make a play which was not simply cohesive but which also looks critically at a number of matters which have an impact on the society in which we live, and which is also exceptionally emotionally evocative. The scripting and performance displays talent and insight well beyond what one might expect from such a young troupe of performers… I say performers here, as the performances given within this production are not limited merely to acting. Some very moving musical numbers are given by some of the group’s extraordinarily gifted vocalists, and an especially moving dance routine is offered in the play’s closing scene. For those who prefer something a little light hearted, this performance caters to you also, never taking itself too seriously, and offering some immensely funny scenes in the mix.

The actors genuinely seem to enjoy themselves on stage, which makes the production all the more enjoyable as a member of the audience. I would absolutely recommend that Perth, and Fremantle, theatre enthusiasts take the time to attend this production to see some of Perth’s best emerging artists at work.

Notre Dame Theatre presents
Perspectives: Every Side Has a Story

Directed by Paige Newmark

Venue: Prindiville Hall, Mouat St, Fremantle
Dates: 20 – 22 October 2016

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