Super Amazing Giant Girl | La Mama TheatreThere’s no logic, there’s not much plot and the props could have been found in a skip at your local bottle shop, but who needs a big budget and complex storyline when you’ve got imagination, humour, Anna Lumb’s cheeky smile and her bedazzling circus tricks?

Looming over her cardboard box city like a DIY Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Super Amazing Giant Girl explains how she grew so big, inexplicably, that she didn't fit into her small town anymore, so she packed her bags for the big smoke.  

To prove she is giant she welcomes on stage “Normal Human” – clearly emblazoned on fellow performer Gabi Barton’s t-shirt, which also clarifies “not to scale”. Luckily that’s pointed out, because she’s a fair size bigger than the barbie doll who is stuck down the back of Super Amazing Giant Girl’s pants – the aunt that she has unknowingly sat on.

It’s this absurdist, tongue in cheek humour which works so well in Lumb’s latest show – not only are the kids’ hearts won over by someone who roller skates over bubble wrap, spins a hula hoop on her neck while eating a banana and walks over the top of champagne bottles, but the adults are charmed by the duo’s conspiring winks and nods, as well as a super amazing soundtrack including Pulp, AC/DC, Neil Young, Talking Heads and the Beach Boys. Sadly, Super Amazing Giant Girl can't seem to fit in in the city either, because all the people are sitting on the tram “staring into their little phones with their scrunched up faces”. Another one for the adults.

We never really find out how Super Amazing Giant Girl came to be so big, even after an audience Q & A session, but no one really cares because a) she lets us all peg white plastic balls at the stage (a hail storm), b) she finds a friend in Normal Human, c) we find out “it’s not about where we are, but how we feel” and d) she can spin a hula hoop on her neck while eating a banana.

Hopefully Super Amazing Giant Girl skates back into theatres again, because she's a treat for mini humans and normal humans alike.

La Mama Theatre presents
Super Amazing Giant Girl
Performed and Devised by Anna Lumb

Venue: La Mama Courthouse | 349 Drummond St Carlton VIC
Dates: 27 September – 1 October 2016
Tickets: $15.00

Part of the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival

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