The Psycho Tour | Margaret ChoMargaret Cho’s Psycho Tour is everything that you really want a stand-up comedy show to be, it is hysterically funny, yet it is also acutely critical of the society in which we live.

Cho’s intro act, Ian Harvey, as he puts it, represents the T in LGBT. The gender politics that this guy has to deal with mentally every day is obviously a massive driving factor in the way that he composes his stage presence, yet, he does so in such a terrifically positive way. It is not unusual for comedians to make light of serious situations or problems, but the degree of success can be varied. Lude, rude and utterly outrageous social criticism and personal anecdotes had his crowd in stitches. Harvey’s humour did not discriminate, nor was it exclusive to the LGBT community – Harvey’s audience was a varied assortment, all of whom he had in hysterics. The need for liberal social ideals at his show should be implied.

Margaret Cho herself, a forty eight year old Korean Bisexual seemingly has no boundaries, her comedy ranges from gender politics, to racial stereotypes and right down to the very basest toilet humour… and good God is she good at what she does.

Cho’s storytelling possesses a quality which few comedians are able to obtain. Her ability to tell her own story on a level with which anyone could relate, take you on an emotional rollercoaster and have you come out the other end laughing is an incredibly cathartic experience.

Margaret Cho isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it, and in Australia’s current political climate, with gender and racial discrimination abound, she is a breath of fresh air, regardless of how musty she suggests her reproductive organs are.

Margaret Cho

Venue: Astor Theatre
Date: Tuesday 6 September 2016
Bookings: 9370 1777 |
Venue: The Tivoli
Date: Thursday 8 September 2016
Bookings: 136 100 |
Venue: Opera House (Just For Laughs)
Date: Friday 9 September 2016
Bookings: 9250 7777 |

Venue: Athenaeum Theatre
Date: Monday 12 September 2016
Bookings: 132 849 |

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