New Show | Aunty DonnaTriple the comedy in one whirlwind hour – time flies when Aussie comic team Aunty Donna blast about the stage. Laughs? Yes! Cringes? Yes! Energy? Yes!

The Aunty Donna team from Victoria have been on the comedy scene since 2011-ish, and have a strong following from their web series fan-base.

Their live tour is a series of sketches that often include music as comedic songs or a background to parodies. Some skits are more laugh-worthy than others. Consistent throughout though is the presence of personality and physicality. Even the back row could see the gestures and sense the rowdy mood. There are minimal props and no costume changes: just high-paced banter and juxtapositions between the performers.

Broden Kelly holds court as the deep-voiced rouser, epitomising the opinionated Aussie macho male in some skits. Wild-eyed Zachary Ruane engages with the audience by taking the piss out of one of his own characters – and rightly so! Rocketing about with wild abandon is Mark Samual Bonanno who could easily teach ‘how to be lively without over-acting.’

As a team, they play on each other’s strengths. Yep there is swearing but it’s not every word. About the norm for a typical Saturday night anyway. Flitting between skits are the awkward if any segues, but it doesn’t matter. The shift in lighting and backup sound effects sets the scene.

So who would like Aunty Donna? Humour is so often based on generational themes; the ‘in-jokes’ between comedian and audience. This is the case with Aunty Donna, who target the 16-40 year old bracket. It’s not like y’ know you’d need like a Smartphone to like look up on Urban Dictionary WTF they’re on about, but speaking the lingo would help.

Aunty Donna take pride in their comedic craft. Every sketch is refined, yet able to adjust to the audience mood and the unexpected nature of live performance. This is Gen Y and Millennial comedy with action.

Century Entertainment & Comedy Central present
New Show
Aunty Donna

Australian Tour

Street Theatre
Sat June 4, 7:00PM
Bookings | 02 6247 1223

Playhouse @ Civic Theatre
Thu June 23, 8:00PM
Bookings | 02 4929 1977

The Gov
Wed June 29, 7:30PM
Bookings | 1300 762 545

Entertainment Centre
Thu June 30, 8:00PM
Bookings | 08 8980 3333

The Tivoli
Fri July 1, 8:30PM
Bookings | 136 100

The Athenaeum Theatre
Sat July 2, 7:00PM
Bookings | 132 849 or 03 9650 1500

The Enmore Theatre
Thu July 7, 7:30PM
Bookings | 02 9550 3666

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