Exposing Edith | Michaela Burger and Greg Wain

Exposing Edith | Michaela Burger and Greg WainEdith Piaf – singer, songwriter, actress, and as far removed from the Hollywood wholesome ingénue as possible. Born (as legend has it) in the Parisian gutters in 1915, Piaf’s life wove a tragic tale from street busker, to cabaret star eventually becoming one of France’s greatest international stars.

Piaf’s unique voice that seemed barely contained within her 4’10 frame was a sight and sound to behold. However, it was the biographical events of her life that gave her music so much power. Piaf sang with absolute truth, drawn from her own life experiences and drew her audience in both with her honesty and her remarkable voice.

With the legendary status of Piaf in mind, you can imagine that taking on such a role, as the incredible “Little Sparrow” as she was nicknamed by nightclub owner Louis Lepee in 1935 might be daunting for a performer.

If so, it was never once shown on the uncannily similar features of show creator and singer Michaela Burger, who in all essence could be, Edith Piaf. From the close resemblance to the French star herself, and the powerful vocals to back it up, Burger is as close you will ever get to seeing the real Edith Piaf perform.

Seamlessly transitioning between, French and English, or Edith and Michaela, Burger is as divine as the little sparrow herself. Telling the story of Edith’s rise to the top, and her many failures, loves, and lovers, Burger, accompanied by Greg Wain on guitar weaves this romantic tale through the magic of some of Piaf’s greatest hits.

The music is spectacular, and Burger sings it with all the passion of the great lady herself. Exposing Piaf, is perfect for those wishing to dip themselves in some vintage French nostalgia, and will leave you wanting to book the very next flight to Paris. A beautifully staged production at The Melba Spiegeltent, stripping back to the bare bones of cabaret and keeping the event small, intimate, but never simple. Much like the great Edith Piaf herself.

Exposing Edith
Michaela Burger and Greg Wain

Venue: Melba Spiegeltent | 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC
Dates: 18 – 21 May, 2016
Tickets: from $30
Bookings: Trybooking.com

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