Very Strange Things | Lawrence LeungI must declare my partiality to Leung and his delightfully different brand of comedy. He never resorts to crude language or crass humour and his quirky stage presence is utterly charming. He takes such pleasure in being onstage and sharing his life experiences which often stray into eccentric ideas. For example, he thought that watching The Jetsons cartoons as a child, he was certain that by the time he grew up we would all be hovering around on personal jetpacks. This translated into the show Lawrence Wants a Jetpack with extremely funny results.

Leung can combine audio visuals into his show with ease. This evening we had slides of young Lawrence as a teenage Goth. Expanding on the theme, all is not as it seems, he divided the audience into sceptics and mystery lovers by a show of hands.

There followed an amazing series of tricks and illusions linked by Leung’s pleasant patter and involving audience member participation. Such is his gentle manner with these unsuspecting recruits that there was never an awkward moment or a “Don’t choose me!” response. Several “volunteers” were chosen by Leung and they played along with grace and good humour. It was obvious to us all there were no “plants” in the audience, these were genuine punters. To confirm I actually spoke to participant Tim post show. “I have no idea what happened” he said “I had my eyes closed.”

Time after time Leung set up open-minded random audience members to participate taking mystical challenges. Using his trusty crystal ball he sent Tracey thought waves until he could reveal to us all an important event in her childhood. Uncanny!

Leung managed to convince us all that extraordinary sensory perception (ESP) is alive and well between sympathetic people. Leung himself is extraordinarily sympathetic. He can literally read minds, not to mention put thoughts into people’s heads.

All this was delivered in a lovely self-deprecating congenial manner. It is pretty safe to say none of us had any idea how he created these extraordinary feats. The absolute cracker of a finale defies description. The audience response was huge, gasps of awe and thunderous applause.

Leung left us with a final quip about mystery and indeed sometimes it is awesome not to know how things happen. An ingenious, amusing hour and a half to spend with the relaxed and captivating Leung.

2016 Perth Comedy Festival
Very Strange Things
Lawrence Leung

Venue: Perth Town Hall
Dates: 6 – 8 May 2016

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