Fire At Wil | Wil AndersonThis is show features more Australian content than his usual shows. Wil Anderson divides his time between Australia and America, therefore he can be country-centric in a show that will only play in Australia. The interesting thing is that gives him latitude to move into politics. The worst day of his life so far has been September 15, 2015. Tony Abbott lost out to Malcolm Turnbull. There goes months and months of comedy material just like that!

I hadn’t seen Anderson do political impressions before but he is good at it as he is at storytelling and punching out sneaky asides. His impression of Malcolm Turnbull deciding to forgo Government House in Sydney for his own multimillion dollar residence was very clever and funny.

While absolutely devoted to Australia and the Australian way of life, Anderson managed an affectionate as well as satirical nudge to the population at large. We are in the top 3 of desirable places to live in the world. How good is that? How lucky are we?

Roaming through topics as diverse as the impossibility of a giraffe giving birth to another giraffe to discussions at a barbeque about the sacred long weekend Australia Day celebrations, Anderson had us in the palm of his hand.

There was a lovely riff on the importance of the Queen versus a Republican nation. The thought that we’d all had. “She’s done a good job, why don’t we wait until she’s …pause… you know”.

Johnny Depp and the illegal importation of pet dogs got a well-deserved serve as did “hippies” who are against child immunisation.

Characters as diverse as Cory Bernardi, Donald Trump and Adam Goodes received attention, but Anderson was largely gentlemanly. He wasn’t unnecessarily unkind to latecomers and was touched by the fans who had placed a large paper bag containing beer onstage as they took their seats in the front row.

Anderson had put in a lot of research into the historical aspects of this Australian show and it was interesting as well as funny. His skewed approach on the early colonial settlers to NSW had the crowd in stitches. This format allowed him a lot of leeway to develop that research and though the set ups took longer the audience was totally enthralled from beginning to end.

2016 Perth Comedy Festival
Fire At Wil
Wil Anderson

Venue: Regal Theatre, Perth
Dates: 4 – 6 May 2016

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