A Really Really Good Friday | RocKwiz“Pardon the pun, but I think we nailed it.”

Julia Zemiro in the closing moments before the musical finale.

And nail it they did.

RocKwiz’s latest live show at the grand State Theatre on Friday night, A Really Really Good Friday should have been called, A F***ing Brilliant Good Friday instead (excuse the profanity).

What an absolute HOOT from beginning to end. In fact, to quote Julia’s introduction, “it was a show of biblical proportions”, promising us variety, music, comedy, chitchat and of course, Kwizzing. It delivered on all fronts.

They played with the format to great success and the producers, writers, Brain’s Trust, Brian, Julia, the RocKwiz Orkestra, and even Dugald, looking fetching in a bunny onesie, should all be congratulated for their inventiveness, without losing any of the charm or irreverence.

They kept us guessing with the “Who Can It Be Now?” even though the talent had been announced weeks in advance. And in lieu of the first album/first concert question, it had the artists recounting how they traditionally spent their Good Fridays, providing much comic fodder. 

It seemed the stage was chock-a-block with pagans, heathens, Jews, lapsed Catholics, lapsed Methodists and/or similar.

The musical performances were outstanding. Tim Rogers – what a showman. Cavorting on stage in his signature op shop/dandy man chic to Bowie’s Young Americans, with Paul Williamson, cookin’ on saxophone. And being utterly mesmerising with his rendition of the psychedelic rock classic, Spirit In The Sky.

Deborah Conway. A singer, songwriter, and bloody formidable rock star (without trying to be) and really really smart. I know next time I go to a trivia night, who I want on my table.

Kate Miller-Heidke sporting a magnificent baby bump was A-mazing. Her ability to switch effortlessly between opera and pop is a beautiful thing indeed. And Daryl “One Summer” Braithwaite, an Australian music icon. All acts were superbly backed by the glorious harmonies of Vika and Linda Bull, who never fail to surprise and delight.

Kitty Flanagan, or “Three Wine Kitty” as she referred to herself in the third person (after surprising even herself with a few true/false correct answers) was a perfect addition; delivering an absolutely hilarious routine exploring her relationship status & possible change in sexual preference (though still not “up for fingers in the till”).

Rich Hall was on fire with his usual cranky rants, particularly, his diatribe on Microwave Meals for One, and demonstrated his musical prowess with a little number about “a man with long greasy hair who wore sandals and was a bit of a womaniser”.

But of course, there would be no RocKwiz without Julia Zemiro or Brian Nankervis. Lovingly (and quite rightly) adored by all. 

Let’s pray this gig becomes an annual event, as synonymous with Easter as the Good Friday Appeal or boiled cod and gluggy white sauce.

Really Really Good Friday 

Venue: The Arts Centre Melbourne
Date: 25 March 2016
Bookings: www.artscentremelbourne.com.au

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