A Little Too Much Information | Claire HealyClaire Healy is a peach and so is her MICF cabaret show at The Butterfly Club, A Little Too Much Information.

Healy accompanies herself on piano and presents, in a fine strong voice, original songs of inspired silliness. If you’re a fan of Tim Minchin or Sammy J you’ll enjoy this show. Healy’s songs are full of cute lyrics about how she can get too disclosey in social situations, referencing things we can all relate to. Her lyrics get a tad nasty occsionally; if there is a moment where things could get sweet and heartfelt, that moment is nicely diverted. And she’s got a thing about Lord of the Rings.

Her stage persona is the adorable but somewhat daggy chick who gave up the opportunity to fly business class all the way to the UK cos she didn’t want to wait another day to reunite with her boyfriend (yes, really), and who wrote a song about taking the (I’m Sorry I’m Not the) One Ring back to a former fiancé. The song about seeing status updates of an ex’s shiny new life on social media is particularly funny. Her father was in the audience the night Australian Stage was there, creating a moment of potential embarrassment all round given that there’s a good 30 seconds of orgasm fakery in the mix. There’s nothing untoward or even overly rude here, however; Healy’s quite normal: a particularly imaginative and observant flirty charmer who is occasionally reminiscent of the incandescent Meow Meow, and her rather joyous musicality carries you along during songs such as Aldi’s Aisle of Wonders, I Love You More Than Business Class, and there’s an audience sing along to another original number, Empty Spaces.

At the end Healy gets the audience involved in a game of I Never Have Never where you blow bubbles instead of skolling a drink when owning up to dubious life experiences. Not everyone is as prepared as Healy to fess up in public, sadly, so things didn't get as interesting as they might have done.

Healy delivers a delightful night of talent, charm, wit and gorgeousness with this performance, which was very well-received in Edinburgh and Adelaide. Take anyone, you can’t go wrong.

A Little Too Much Information
Claire Healy

Venue: The Butterfly Club
Dates: 22 March – 3 April 2016
Tickets: $32 – $28
Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com | 03 9663 8107

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