101 Hits | TripodTripod! No Australian could argue the fact that they have been a known presence growing up in the houses of many a family, watching them on television building their empire of laughs. From their appearances on 'Skithouse', to a myriad of comedy festivals, not to mention their 'Song in an Hour' segment on Triple J, who would have thought that three awkward misfits paired with a couple of guitars, a good sense of harmony and a string of witty songs would be standing on stage at the Powerhouse theatre twenty years later. It gives hope to guitar wielding Dad joke enthusiasts everywhere!

Launching their 20th anniversary tour – 101 Hits, the three stood before the crowd armed with little more than a smile, a couple of instruments and a bingo cage they have aptly named ‘Dr. Shuff’. Why a bingo cage you ask? Well, that my friends, is how the entire night's entertainment will play out; randomly selected songs coordinated by the number on the bingo balls and delivered at random from their song book “101 Hits”. What a fun, novel and highly complex way to deliver a show that will not only be entertaining and suspenseful but is guaranteed to be different every single night of their entire tour: well played Sirs, well played.

Dr. Shuff has randomly selected a number and they're off, fumbling through old and forgotten songs and messing about, doing their best to distract each from performing professionally and showing the audience that even after twenty years, they are still having fun with each other.

It's heart warming to see that after so many years playing together the rapport between them still seems fresh and genuine and by choosing songs at random they have shown their true ability as performers.

Watching them laugh and carry on, when one plays or sings off key, made them giggle even more than the audience at many points throughout the night. Banter rife with innuendo (in your endo...) and the traditional chastising of the late comers (“we would never draw attention to you, please, stand up and let us tell everyone how we would never draw attention to you...”) makes for a funny and smooth transition into the next song, with all three joking as they try and remember how to even play so many of their own hits.

It's hard to imagine how much time must be spent writing the score, let alone so many witty one-liners – I can’t even fathom how they remember them all and keep them fresh in delivery from a random selection. Introducing a moment: “This is a song made for a 65 piece orchestra which now I have to recreate for you using a piano and guitar” was definitely an example of this, and might I say was delivered to perfection! Not only were the song selections at random but taking requests, at the end of the show for songs, added another element of difficulty. The song “DILF” had me in stitches and was definitely my pick for the night; one can only hope it pops up in their tour again, much to the delight of long-time fans and newcomers alike.

The boys said it themselves, “This show is un-reviewable” and so I knew I would have my work cut out for me trying to counteract them when they said, “If you like this show, don't tell your friends, they will get a completely different one!” My suggestion is to see it and if you don't find yourself having a giggle, see it again the next night, it's sure to be a completely different experience...

2016 Brisbane Comedy Festival
101 Hits 

Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre
Dates: 8 – 12 Mar 2016
Bookings: brisbanepowerhouse.org | 07 3358 8600