Hard Core Mysteries | Pierre UlricHard Core Mysteries is the brain child of French Canadian native, Pierre Ulric. It is a mixture of parlour tricks, card play and illusion.

There were a couple of wonderful deceptions that really impressed me, I have my suspicions about a few others and there were one or two that didn’t fool me at all.

Ulric has a barrage of tricks to choose from (but not up his sleeve, because he keeps them firmly secured above his elbows) and claims to change the show every night depending on the present audience. So, you never know what you’re going to get.

In contrast to its name, DeLuxe is a tiny little venue which is great for the audience to keep an eagle eye on the magician’s hands. There was a lot of audience participation and I even got called up to help out with the magic linking rings trick. I was trying so hard to figure out how it was done and I was watching from within arm’s length. Still, I’m relatively baffled. I think I know how he did it, but he was obviously good enough that I couldn’t see it.

Although he is personable and funny, I think there is just another level of polish to go onto this show. Ulric made a couple of errors but he fixed them up with good humour and there was no harm done. He warns us at the beginning of the show that this isn’t magic, it’s illusion, misdirection and sleight of hand. Therefore, on the couple of occasions when his hand wasn’t so sleight, we could forgive him for being human and accept that tricks like this take years of practice and dedication.

In one of the earlier time slots, Hard Core Mysteries might be a nice, light way to end a heavy day at work.

Pierre Ulric presents
Hard Core Mysteries

Venue: DeLuxe | Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA
Dates: until 21 February 2016
Tickets: from $15
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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