There's No One New Around You: A Tinder Musical | Keira DaleyThe smartphone dating app, Tinder was hatched in 2012 and won a Best New Startup award the following year. By 2014 it was a global phenomenon that everyone had heard of; it was the Grindr for straight people. With a world-wide following, some patterns started to appear and they are the basis of There’s No One Near Around You: A Tinder Musical.

Creators and performers Keira Daley and Mark Simpson, together with musical director Steven Kreamer have manifested a series of original songs and sketches to bring the dramas and excitement of Tinder dating off the screen and onto the stage. Besides their fabulous voices and piano accompaniment, they utilise a cleverly assembled multimedia backdrop to add another dimension to the show.

The clever and funny revue style performance takes a sensitive approach to poking fun at your “typical” Tinder user. You know the ones… the “dude holding a fish”, the “overhead boob selfie”, the “duck face”, the “headless torso” and the “tiger photo” to name a few. They pulled punches just short of actually mocking the app users who display these kids of photos in their profile. This approach is quite a clever one because although it might cost them a few easy laughs, it keeps things nice for everyone and doesn’t marginalise audience members who may potentially fall under the Tinder clichés.

Daley and Simpson dedicate a song to remind us that we are just like everyone else in the slush pile of delicate snowflakes that is Tinder users. Audiences of the Tinder generation will love this show and break into crazy “It’s funny ‘cos it’s true” fits of giggles.

There’s No One New Around You moves at a perfectly timed, snappy pace and has been crafted to deliver a balance of music, sight gags, multimedia and re-enactments. It’s sure to be a very popular choice at this year’s Fringe and there are only four shows, so don’t delay.

Keira Daley presents
There's No One New Around You: A Tinder Musical

Venue: Funtavia - The Captain's Quarters | 189 Marine Tce, Gerladton, WA
Dates: until 21 February 2016
Tickets: from $21

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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