Elixir | Head First AcrobatsMen, you’d better leave your insecurities at home, because these three strapping young guys will test your fragile ego. Everyone else, you’re going to love it. Get on board, gasp in awe and witness the power of Elixir.

The Head First Acrobats circus show is playful and compulsory viewing for anyone who fancies a bit of eye candy in the variety of hot young men in various stages of undress.

Callan Harris, Luke Hubbard and Rowan Thomas show incredible skill and superb athleticism. Their work is slick and although it is meticulously choreographed, they make it look spontaneous. They manufacture a reckless quality which titillates and thrills the audience.

Cal Harris, (a Chris Hemsworth lookalike) is the tank in the troupe and does most of the heavy lifting, literally hoisting Hubbard above his head on several occasions. He does an incredibly dangerous looking routine with a ladder which left his naked torso glistening with sweat from the intensity of the exhilarating dance.

Rowan Thomas worked the crowd with his clowning. Although he has a sensational and strong rig, he’s the least “tanked” of the trio and he was happy to play up to the pity of the captivated audience who were eating out of his hand, right from the start. His moment of glory was in the Roue Cyr wheel, which looks a bit like a massive, steel hula hoop. He manipulated and rode that thing all over the stage, all the while in character under the influence of the Elixir.

Luke Hubbard showed phenomenal agility and courage as he was constantly thrust into the abyss above our heads. His characterisation was fantastic and I dare say he was the most adept at the dance moves, some guys just have that special something!

One of the things I loved about Elixir was the narrative. The guys play a group of mad scientists cooking up potions to test on themselves with varied, extreme results. It wasn’t a complex story, but it was a through line, which is something usually lacking in Fringe Circus shows. Each of the boys’ characters and relationships with each other were distinct.

At this stage in their career, they seem most comfortable with the slap-stick comedy and a little toilet humour, which works! However, they have incredible potential to expand their reach to a broader audience and create something along the lines of Cirque du Soleil which explores a deeper theme. I’d love to see them interpret a great historical battle, significant moment or relationship. I have a feeling there are great things to come from this team.

Their children’s show “Arrr we there yet?” (already closed) has been nominated for an award at the 2016 Perth Fringe and this is exactly the kind of expansion which will see them reach their vast potential.

In Elixir, they have a crack at some illusions and misdirection, which adds a little humour but it’s pretty tongue in cheek and won’t give the magicians a run for their money just yet. However, those kind of tricks would be awesome for their kids’ show.

The Lunar Sensation is a fabulous venue, perfect for this acrobatic spectacle. The floor section is set out in tables with comfy chairs and the rear section is stadium bleachers. My hot tip is get in line early and secure a lounge chair, but only sit in the front row if you’re prepared to get up close and personal with the dudes, and maybe even get a little bit wet.

The boys posed for photos with the excited crowd after the show, so don’t be shy, get your cameras out and press yourself up against their sweaty bodies. They’ll be more than happy to hoist you into their arms or onto their shoulders for the perfect shot.

See Elixir for $20 while you still can. This magic potion won’t be available at that price for very long!

Head First Acrobats presents

Venue: The Lunar Sensation | Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, WA
Dates: until 21 February 2016
Tickets: from $20
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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