This is Your Life? | Jeff GreenIt was not an auspicious start for Jeff Green, the power to the tent had been cut off somehow and once restored played havoc with the music which blared out at a frightening level. After that Green launched into a series of offstage announcements about what the audience could not possibly do during the performance. Very amusing and broke the tension of the technical hiccups.

Once he entered, to huge applause, from the near capacity crowd he segued neatly into observations about being living in Australia. He has been here for 8 years and finds the “nanny state“ rules and government warnings absurd. He was almost arrested in Melbourne for Jay-walking by a gun toting lady cop and the hot weather warning he noted on Adelaide television “to wear appropriate clothing” lead to some very funny examples.

Green moved swiftly to his own family, his wife and his 2 sons (“Lucifer and Voldemort”)  and thence to an extremely clever rap number about the family cat! Then the title of the show came into play and we met his parents, Dad who was a belter and Mum who lectured on misdeeds until you begged her to just hit him.

After comprehensive, he went to University to study chemical engineering. Then onto idea of applying for a job. The necessity of a good cv, what to put under Hobbies and Interests, obviously you have none so you have to invent them. Some hilarious propositions ensued.

While working at BOC he was at the Comedy Store in London where he chanced upon a notice for a tryout slot for new talent; 10 minutes at 2.00am in the morning. He took the gamble and subsequently won Comedy Store New Act of the Year. He left BOC to the jeering remark of his former boss; “You’ll be back.” A comment that spurred him on to comedy success.

Not that it was all smooth sailing, a gig on a cruise lead to hilarious observations about the age of the passengers, “They were even too old to work at Bunnings” and their legendary on board eating abilities.

Green then shared some details about his family’s experiences with native Australian wildlife first a baby possum the cat brought in which his wife identified as a rat. Her sight is not what it was! Then to a camping encounter with a wombat in their tent, with a risqué diversion into a manoeuvre designed to release one’s arm from the jaws of a pit bull terrier. By now the audience was in hysterics.

Green has a charming, ingenuous manner and is a nimble mime. He peppers his material with brilliant casual asides and sub anecdotes. The audience was completely won over departed still laughing.

2016 Perth Fringe Festival
This is Your Life?
Jeff Green

Venue: Teatro One | The Pleasure Garden, WA
Dates: 14 – 18 Feb 2016
Tickets: $30

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