Get Around Me | Theatre Elusive/Gillian EnglishAs sensitive as her story is, there is not an inch of “give” evident in Gillian English. Get Around Me is a personal account of her completely unexpected life as an Aussie Rules footballer and how she basically fell into Team Canada at the International Cup held in Melbourne.

The first half of her story is full of humorous exposition, she takes the time to build rapport and comes across as likeable. She shows us pictures of her team and some action shots from the field. As we hit the half way point the story takes a sinister turn.

Gillian English goes on to tell an all too familiar story of getting groped at a party. This wasn’t just any party though, it was the sponsored event to celebrate Team Canada winning the Aussie Rules International Cup. It should have been a sheltered, fun environment. Somehow though, English found herself threatened multiple times and sexually assaulted. Torn between wanting justice and fear of being “that girl who ruined the Team Canada celebration” she struggled with the decision to report the incident.

English goes on to acknowledge that her experience was the “Cinderella story” of reporting a sexual assault and goes to great lengths to explain how reassured, protected and defended she felt by the Victorian Police Force. She admits that it would not have been the case in the US or Canada and expects that in those places, her case may have been painfully dragged out for months, even years.

It’s a sobering story that is way too common but rarely told in the first person. English tells it with passion and pride.

If you enjoy Get Around Me, you may also like to catch her other offering “Drag Queen Stole my Dress”.

The Theatre Elusive/Gillian English presents
Get Around Me

Venue: Hellenic Club of WA | 75 Stirling St, Perth, WA    
Dates: 10 – 17 Feb 2016
Tickets: from $25

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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