Absolutely | flaming locomotiveThe first thing you notice about Allan Girod is his broad, beaming smile and his authentic eye connection with the audience. The lights don’t go down, we remain present with the artist as he takes us along the journey.

Story telling is becoming an increasingly popular genre within theatre, and autobiographical stories even more so. There is always a certain degree of vulnerability for an artist when they perform, but to recount their own personal experiences without the veil of a character, opens them up to the next level.

Since Absolutely won the WA Theatre award at the 2015 Perth Fringe, Girod says that he has tweaked the show, found new moments to celebrate and explore, to clarify what he was trying to say.

There is something that most people can relate to in Allan Girod’s story. Perhaps a similar experience, an inspirational choice or even just a feeling. He begins as an awkward school boy, an extreme introvert from a single parent family without much money struggling to find his way in the world with mates, girls and school.

As a young teacher in a small wheat belt town, Girod discovered his spiritual home, the stage. He fought himself every step of the way but eventually put one foot in front of another enough times to arrive as “The Giant Clown” at the Cirque du Soleil European tour of Corteo. A good portion of Girod’s story was about his fear and resistance surrounding the audition process and his unique experience training for, and joining the cast of the spectacular phenomenon that is the Cirque du Soleil machine.

If you enjoyed Absolutely, you may like to catch Girod in his next show Ahead of the class, at the same Fringe venue next week.

flaming locomotive presents

Venue: The Flaming Locomotive | Art Gallery WA Theatrette, Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Mall Entrance, Perth WA    
Dates: until 13 Feb 2016
Tickets: from $20
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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