The Birdcage: Boylesque edition | Twisted Vaudeville CircusBare butt cheeks and bedazzled genitalia are on the menu when you go and see The Birdcage: Boylesque edition at Fringe this year. There is a strong mix of local stars and international artists who each have their own unique talents.

The show was hosted by Perth Burlesque celebrity, Ruby Slippers and she was assisted by her “puppy”. Although this handsome young chap’s job was merely to clean up the stage after the performers had strewn their feathers and apparel all over the floor, his coy charm and smashing rig made him a crowd favourite.  

The Birdcage is presented by the Twisted Vaudeville Circus and there was a little bit of each in the show. We saw plenty of gender bending twisted stereotypes and a very impressive act of strength from the delightful circus boy (sorry I couldn’t find your name!) The Vaudeville was supplied by Portland export, Russell Bruner who performed two pieces. The first was a sexy beat poem, and the second a strip tease that involved some pretty fancy footwork and handy cane work.

Former Mr Boylesque Australia title-holder, Charlie D. Barkle returned to his home town of Perth to show us the routine that won him the title. His theatrics set him apart from the standard flirting and flouncing of Burlesque and make him a crowd favourite.

With only five performers (mostly doing just one act each) and a whole hour to fill, there was a little bit of down time, which Ruby Slippers did her best to fill by dragging some reluctant audience members up on stage to interpretive dance. Although it was fun for the mates of the persons on stage, I would have preferred to see more from the professionals.

Catch the show every weekend until the end of Fringe.

Twisted Vaudeville Circus presents
The Birdcage: Boylesque edition

Venue: Empyrean Function Centre | 12 Lake St, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 29 January - 21 February 2016

Part of the 2016 Perth Fringe World Festival

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