The Coin-Operated Girl | Miranda KaneIf you buy a ticket to see The Coin-Operated Girl, it is likely to be the cheapest hour you’ll ever spend with a prostitute. Now retired, Miranda Kane blows open the doors of her boudoir and invites the audience in to reflect with her on how she started as a sex worker, and the fascination of the industry.

Kane is an endearing, engaging performer, and she’s pretty good with improvisation and audience participation. She even allowed a Q&A session at the end to make sure that we all left feeling satisfied (pun intended).

Now a full time comedian, Miranda Kane is putting herself out there in a whole new way, but she’s ahead of the pack as she is no stranger to reviews. Kane shared with us the detailed and descriptive recommendations (or otherwise) of post coital clients. Not hers of course, but she assures us they were glowing!

In the final chapter of the show, Kane put forward a Top Ten List of “What Men Want”. It struck me that she was perhaps one of the most reliable sources for this kind of information because of how authentic her data collection process would be. It’s most likely that men sanitise their relationships with their female SO for fear of judgement, or prior discussions of consent and interest around certain sexual activities. With an escort, they can try pretty much anything they want. Kane doesn’t leave us wanting to know what these things are. We got a detailed list (including descriptions for the more sheltered audience members) of the things that turn men on when they think no one is watching.

The show has sold out each night so get in now to secure your ticket to one of the most intimate, fun performances at Fringe.

2016 Perth Fringe World Festival
The Coin-Operated Girl                  
Miranda Kane

Directed by Ed Hughes

Venue: Casa Mondo | The Pleasure Garden , James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 4 – 9 February 2016
Tickets: $20

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