To the Moon and Back | Gillian CosgriffGillian Cosgriff walks out onto stage wearing a moon suit and helmet, but you won’t believe what she’s wearing underneath! (That’s called clickbait and I hope she’s very proud of me for including it in my review).

To the Moon and Back is part stand-up comedy, part cabaret with all original music (aside from a short Savage Garden Tribute). Cosgriff is no stranger to the Perth Fringe and even studied a Bachelor of Music Theatre here at WAAPA. She employed some fancy looping skills to create instant backing tracks for herself, and wasn’t fazed at all when the technology briefly got the best of her on the night. Like a true professional, she just made us laugh and moved on.

Cosgriff is a collector of facts and trivia, especially about things she is afraid of, and there are many; moths, marriage and space to name a few. In an attempt to face her fears with exposure therapy, she wrote a song about all the fascinating/terrifying things to be found in space.

There is humour in Cosgriff’s pessimism as she deals with the big contemporary issues, like why it actually IS vital that we care about what people think of us. That is, unless we want to be cast out and denied access to bananas. She has a frank delivery with political interjections. Gillian Cosgriff clearly has statements to make, but sings and dances around the topic rather than using the show as a platform to smash audiences in the face.

Clearly her obsession this year was her boyfriend, Matt. The show was a bit like reading her diary and he featured in all her stories about the afore mentioned fears. Cosgriff told us that Matt was the one who figured out what her show should be about. He said “It’s about you working out whether you want to marry me”. You won’t believe what happened next!

2016 Perth Fringe World Festival
To the Moon and Back
Gillian Cosgriff

Venue: Noodle Palace – 19 Francis St, Subiaco WA | Midlandia – Midland Junction Art Centre, 276 Great Eastern Hwy, Midland, WA
Dates: 3 – 20 February 2016
Tickets: from $20

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