Devilish | Stuart LightbodyStuart Lightbody brings his magic show, Devilish back to the Perth Fringe this year, but despite the name, there’s nothing sinister about his performance. He thrives on audience engagement and story-telling. There are many ways to enjoy a magic show, Lightbody wants us to relax and share his sense of wonder, awe and enjoyment.

A world class, sleight-of-hand artist, Lightbody almost exclusively uses playing cards for his illusions. However I really enjoyed the serenity of “tea bag” routine which was classy and flawless. It was done in silence accompanied only by a soothing backing track and his endearing gestures and expressions.

The story behind Devilish is a deal the Artist made with a “mysterious man” many years ago. During the transaction, he lost his soul, but not his ability to create magic. Throughout the show, Lightbody explains the deal and re-enacts the critical poker game. He weighs up the price of his soul and does what is necessary to win it back.

His manner is elegant and charming. Although his show is very funny, the humour doesn’t convey as being contrived, he is witty and responsive to the audience.

The tricks and illusions in Devilish are impossible acts, made possible through years of practice, incredible dexterity, misdirection and cognitive persuasion. Stuart Lightbody is a creative genius and a master in his field. I’m one of those people who leans forward in their seat and tries to uncover the secrets… but I couldn’t. He tricked me every time, but he was so gosh-darn sincere about it all, I didn’t mind a bit. In fact, I think I kind of enjoyed it.

2016 Perth Fringe World
Stuart Lightbody

Venue: The Stables | Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 29 January – 8 February 2016

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