The Great Saunter | PedrolandA thunderstorm hit Perth just as I was on my way to Pioneer Park in Fremantle to check in for The Great Saunter. I was not really in any mood to traipse around Freo for a couple hours chasing clues in the rain. However, the downpour didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the welcoming Pedroland team. Their smiles were infectious and they had a relentless positive, solution-focussed attitude that soon saw us kitted us up with ponchos and instructions, then we were on our way.

The execution of this event was outstanding. I counted about a dozen artists involved on the day, dappled throughout the course and providing technical and creative assistance. The detail was intricate and allowed participants to choose their level of difficulty.

It was a like a treasure hunt that showcased the sights and space of Fremantle. Several local businesses got on board to allow participants a venue for puzzle solving and games which were all part of the journey.

We had to perform tasks to gather quest items which would be surrendered at the end to prove our mission was complete. Despite the rain, the artists at each of the checkpoints were cheerful, helpful and in character.

It’s not a race. You will find yourself sauntering along with other teams, and while there are prizes, they are for creative endeavours, not speed. You’ll have to walk a few kilometres, but you don’t have to be too quick about it, so it’s suitable for most fitness levels.

The mission took about two hours and concluded with the impressive digital showcase of some tasks we’d completed along the way. Full credit has to go to the extraordinary production team, artists and everyone involved in The Great Saunter. It must have been a logistical nightmare, but they made it look effortless, and that is the beauty of creating art. Well done!

The day was wet and windy but the environment was warm and the journey lots of fun! Four “shows” only!

Pedroland presents
The Great Saunter

Venue: Meet at Pioneer Reserve, Fremantle WA
Dates: 23 & 30 Jan, 6 & 13 Feb, 2016
Tickets: $20

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