A Little Less Conversation 3 | Dave CallanDave Callan takes us on a kind of guided tour of the history of dance. His two assistants, it has to be said, are very pretty and are excellent dancers. Dave is a little less pretty and his dancing is not quite as excellent. In fact, this is basically what the whole show is about: how can you not laugh at a big hairy man attempting demanding and complex modern dance routines? He has clearly put a lot of practice in because he's actually not bad. Sure, he looks like a goose compared to the professionals on either side to him, but he's a lot better than, I'll bet, just about everyone in the audience.

Dave demonstrates various dance styles that appeared in various decades as well as mimics the dance routines from clips of the likes of Nicki Manaj, Lady Gaga etc, and while the physically primed co-performers don't seem to raise a sweat, the physical demands are, well, physically demanding for the big hairy guy. Costume changes were frequent and it was all as much fun to watch as it was to laugh at.

Part of the fun of reviewing shows like this is trying to decipher the notes you scrawl in the dark. This can often be a baffling process... one note I scrawled blindly seems to say “Kylie Minogue – open up your ass.”

Hmm. Feeling sure it must mean something, I Googled, and sure enough this lead me to a song produced by Giorgio Moroder called Right Here, Right Now and featuring Kylie. This was in the Mondegreen section of the show in which Dave suggested unlikely song lyrics, then played the song, and the unlikely lyrics do appear to be what is being sung. This was a fun section of the show because we've all done it and there have been some classic misheard lyrics over the years. The crowd responded well to this section.

In fact the laughs didn't stop, even when the action on stage did stop. Probably needing a breather, the performers vacated the stage and we were treated to various Youtube clips tied to the theme of dancing, accompanied by Dave's droll narration. Although fun and funny, and although the audience was clearly enjoying it, part of me wondered if this is what we expect when we go out to see live comedy. The Techno Viking clip is always funny (and weirdly fascinating) to watch, but it's been around for more than 10 years now and we have probably all seen it. Likewise, the clip of the pug... sure, it got a laugh, but how far do you take that kind of thing? How long does an audience watch Youtube clips before they start to wonder why they paid money to do what they can do at home.

Overall, a fun show. It pokes a bit of fun at some contemporary pop icons but in an affectionate way. If you like big hairy clowns busting some kick-ass dance moves, this is the show for you.

2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival
A Little Less Conversation 3
Dave Callan

Venue: Fringe Hub - The Ballroom, Lithuanian Club | 44 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC
Dates: 26 Sep – 3 Oct 2015
Tickets: $22.90 – $16.50
Bookings: www.melbournefringe.com.au

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