Glory Box La Revolución | Finucane & SmithIf by some remote chance you have never heard of Finucane & Smith, and you should get the opportunity to experience their performance, prepare yourself for a mega sensory shake-up.

As one of the most awarded underground cabarets in the world, with many-an-imitator of their style, Melbourne-grown performance art group, Finucane & Smith, shocks and awes unsuspecting and/or veteran audiences alike with a touch of androgyny, a dash of crazy as s*it and a dollop of fearlessness.

One can best sum up a typical Finucane & Smith’s piece with a “You’ve gotta see it!” So, does this mean that it’s good, or is it bad? I insist… you’ve gotta see it!

Currently performing Glory Box La Revolución, at Circus Oz’s antique Melba Tent in Collingwood, just before departing for a run in Cuba. Yes, the Caribbean island south of the U.S., famous for great Salsa music, fabulous food and its leader, Fidel Castro.

After catching their show in Brazil, the Havana International Theatre Festival officially invited Finucane & Smith to appear at their annual program, making them the first Australian company to perform on the shores of the famed Pearl of the Caribbean

The night I attended, at the Melba Tent was just about to burst at the seams, packed with an über excited audience, eagerly awaiting the curtain’s rise and the start of the Glory Box La Revolución. Soon, Moira Finucane graced the stage – much to the delight of everyone – opening the show with a dramatic monologue, donning a cheeky floor-length shimmering black lace dress.

Dancers Lily Paskas​ and Holly Durant​ followed with a dance duet where they wore full body stockings and masks, and stuffed cotton bundles in the bust and buttocks areas to simulate body enhancements. They came back later on in the show, in solo dance features as Wolf and Bird.

Aerialist Rocky Stone showed off her superhuman strength and wowed the audience throughout the show, balancing on chairs, swinging from a trapeze blindfolded and even exhibited unusual and daring acts with a wine bottle and a cork screw.

Without going into the minutia of the show and revealing too much of Glory Box La Revolución, I can tell you that I was not the only one who was left gasping for air in disbelief, and from belly shaking laughter. 

Finucane & Smith are a force to reckon with, daring to cross all boundaries and social norms in the name of art. I predict that Cuban audiences will fully embrace the risqué Aussie burlesque troupe.

Finucane & Smith proudly present
Glory Box La Revoluciόn

Created and Directed by Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith

Venue: Melba Spiegeltent | 35 Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne
Dates: 20 August – 13 September, 2015
Tickets: $25 – $98.88

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