The Book of Kevin | Year in ReviewLeft – Nathan Lentern

The Book of Kevin joins in the long-held tradition of taking the p*** out of our elected so-called “Leaders.”

The conceit is fairly simple – Kevin Rudd has released his new explosive, though ‘only-the-facts’ memoir, ‘Here to Help.’

Lining up to endorse the memoir are adversaries and colleagues of Mr. 07 himself, including former NSW State Premier, Bob Carr and current leader of the LNP, Tony Abbott.

The Book of Kevin pleases on all fronts. Simply in terms of performances, it’s brilliant. The impersonations of Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr are spot-on, with every last little detail observed and preserved in the performance. 

While Jonas Holt’s Tony Abbott is a thing of satirical beauty. He lilted down the aisle and on the stage with all the swagger of arrogance of the real thing. His unhinged, uninformed style captured perfectly and writ large.

And the writing is solid. This piece extends beyond the sum of great performances. The open-ended conceit of the book launch allows them a lot of room to take the show in a few different directions.

This is a great show if you’re feeling fatigued or exasperated by the current state of Australian politics. It’s a wonderful feeling, after all, to sit in a room full of strangers and laugh at those attempting to lead our country. You gotta laugh, don’t you?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta zip.

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