Fracture | New GhostsFracture was not only a slick production, its plot gave me one of the most rewarding experiences I value as an audience member.

It is billed as a story of grief, loss and the failure to cope. Three young people appear to have a pretty conventional, jovial housemate arrangement despite the looming presence of a past tragedy for one of them, Charlie.

When Charlie’s ex-fiancé, Grace steps back into his life, the household is thrown into confusion and chaos, potentially having to face the frightening reality of the situation.

West Australian playwright Lucy Clements has done a stellar job with her debut, full length script. She captured the humour, language and realism of the characters, and was also able to weave the story together and deliver a surprising conclusion. Clements acknowledges the support of her production team, the cast, mentors and industry professionals in the creation of this piece, which is testament to the nature and good health of the independent theatre community of Perth at the moment.

Fracture was directed by Joe Lui. Together with Set and Costume designer, Patrick Howe, they created a kitchen and lounge room with text book realism almost down to the finest details. Having running water on stage is always worth a bouquet.

The four young actors (Salacia Briggs, Paul Grabovac, James Marzec and Mikala Westall) were committed to their characters and all delivered great performances. By a process of elimination, (their names are not listed against their characters in the program, and I am not yet familiar with their faces) I was able to ascertain that the actress playing Grace was Salacia Briggs. I felt she deserved a special mention in this review because her naturalism in performance was captivating. Her stagecraft skills and communication with the other characters was sublime; she was just so easy to watch, so believable.

It was fantastic to see that this production has been backed by Healthway and Propel Youth Arts WA to create engagement opportunities for young people.

The season is short and tickets are selling fast so don’t hesitate to book a night for this great show by some of Perth’s most exciting emerging artists.

New Ghosts presents
by Lucy Clements

Directed by Joe Lui

Venue: The Blue Room Theatre | 53 James Street Northbridge WA
Dates: 22 – 27 June 2015
Tickets: $15 – $25

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