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Melbourne’s own, and Australia’s only arts training institute to offer a Bachelor of Circus Arts, NICA, has launched a beautiful new show, Last Orders!, featuring third year graduating students showcasing their talents.
Last Orders! is set in the 1930s in a Parisian cabaret/cafe, where the waiters (the students), donning long aprons, are also struggling circus performers. The show kicked off with all the performers taking part in the Russian Swing, leaping and tumbling, making for a great start for Last Orders!  
Resembling silent film stars, accompanied by the sounds of newsreel reports and period music, the troupe followed up with acts such as: acrobatics, aerial straps, Chinese pole, clowning, hula hoops, hand balancing, juggling, point trapeze, single, tightwire, tumbling, as well as a contemporary traditional Indigenous dance.
Albeit the acts are familiar, some are approached in a different manner, such as the aerial silk which uses ropes, ladders, straps and swings. Or the hula hoops, which this time around incorporate a quirky and lighthearted monologue. And the clown, was an adorable dreadlocked balloon-shaped smiling girl with an affinity to tossing popcorn into the crowd… she was an absolute delight.
I prefer to experience a show from the very front of the room, so that I can fully immerse myself into the performance; this allows me to also see the behind the scenes element. Sometimes it can be a little disappointing to be privy to all the details, however this was not the case with Last Orders! Not only were the acrobatics awe inspiring, due to the skill as well as to the fact that they were performed without any safety net, but also the prep and shifting of the props and gear was impressive.
Last Orders! was a great window into what great talent is about to hit the circus entertainment world. These students are prepared thru and thru, and will no doubt make NICA proud, wherever they may find roots. One thing is for sure, that they will land firmly.

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) presents
Last Orders!
Circus Showcase 2015

Directors James Brown & Helene Embling

Venue: NICA National Circus Centre | 39 - 59 Green Street, Prahran
Dates: 11 – 20 June 2015
Times: Wed – Fri 7.30pm | Saturday 1:30pm & 7:30pm
Tickets: $33.00 – $22.00 | Family: $88.00 – $105.00

Parental guidance recommended (PG)

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