Kidshow (Not Suitable For Children) | The Umbilical BrothersIf these guys are looking for sponsors, they should look no further than Poise panty liners for light bladder weakness because I just about wet myself with laughter at KiDSHoW (Not suitable for Children)!

The Umbilical Brothers (Shane Dundas and Dave Collins) have been working together for almost 30 years and their chemistry on stage is evidence of that. In KiDSHoW they play the characters, Dane and Shavid who are kids’ entertainers but find themselves in front of us, an audience of adults (perverts, they decide) and hilarity ensues.

While I cackled with laughter the whole way through the show, I was also scratching my head in wonder at how they came up with the crazy scenarios for their skits. Their research and development process must be such a mind trip. They’re no longer spring chickens but clearly their work keeps them pretty fit because the energy they bring is still awe inspiring.

KiDSHoW is different to other shows I have seen by The Umbilical Brothers because it brought a lot more characterisation and plot as opposed to clever mine and sound effects. With that said, we were still treated to their signature talents in one, brilliant scene in which a popular 70s TV show was turned into something of a horror movie. The Brady Bunch will never be the same!

The imaginary character “Timmy”, who has also appeared in one of their previous shows was adorable even in his invisibility. I think he was mostly voiced by Shane, but the guys are so compatible and in tune with the other that it’s quite possible they switched mid scene.

Our favourite Disney darling, Mickey Mouse also made an appearance but in this incarnation, he had a foul mouth and a mean streak and spent most of his time locked in a pit under the stage. Actually he, like Timmy, was invisible, as was the pit, but with clever mime and theatrical conventions, The Umbilical Brothers managed to end the show with a physical rumble in which the two characters fought each other, and occasionally dragged Shavid and Dane into the brawl.

On the whole, KiDSHoW was equal parts intelligent and irreverent and certainly not suitable for children. The audience that packed the Regal were suitably impressed, get along to see it as it tours regional WA. presents
The Umbilical Brothers

Venue: Regal Theatre | 474 Hay St, Subiaco WA
Dates: 8 – 9 May 2015
Tickets: $44.90 - $49.90

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