The Escapist | Lawrence LeungThe disarmingly charming Lawrence Leung bounced onto the stage and roamed through an extraordinary series of amusing and embarrassing childhood anecdotes and obsessions. What do we wish we could escape from?

Far from the “good Catholic Chinese family” aspirations for him to become a doctor Leung explored fascinating fantasies. Could he emulate the fantastic escapologist Harry Houdini? The obvious answer is to practise this skill with his brother and a doona and then to order a straight jacket from a Romanian fetish website.

Along the way he impersonates various family members, wickedly hawking their anti-Western prejudices in an hilarious reversal of roles. Lawrence’s humour is butterfly light and utterly inoffensive.

Leung is best known for TV shows Maximum Choppage (ABC2), ABC1’s Choose Your Own Adventure and Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable. He’s also an award-winning stand-up comic who has toured his shows to theatres around the world from the Edinburgh Fringe to the Sydney Opera House. 

Personally, I have never quite recovered from my initial encounter with his quirky show Lawrence Leung Wants a Jetpack. A disproportionately funny tale of people who believe that everyone should, by now, be equipped with a personal jetpack, as seen in the 70’s cartoon of his youth, The Jetsons.

Leung is completely unafraid of self-criticism. In fact it’s his schick. He is a superb and ingenuous raconteur. He is also the “rara avis” (rare bird) of the stand-up comedy world. A beguilingly innocent and smut/vulgarity free act. He doesn’t need any shock impact. Once he turns on that high voltage smile we are utterly beguiled.

Australian Comedy Management presents
The Escapist
Lawrence Leung

 Venue: The Octagon Theatre
Date: 1 May 2015
Tickets: $30.00 - $35.00

Part of the 2015 Perth Comedy Festival

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