Cross Country / Cross Cultures | Myriad ProductionsCross Country / Cross Cultures was a short piece of theatre (25 minutes) but it packed a lot of punch. The eclectic cast of former refugees, migrants, first generation Australians and Indigenous Australians, were beautiful in their authenticity of presentation.

Although there were six young ladies on stage, there were only five listed in the media release, so I apologise to the person I have omitted. The cast was: Golda Signal (South Sudanese Australian), Tannielle McHugh (Aboriginal Australian), Terese Micallef (Fillipino/Maltese Australian), Isabella Mandungo (Congolese Australian), Christine Ayo (South Sudanese Australian).

I would love to recount the details about each of them in the media release, their histories and their achievements, their past and current work. For the purpose of this review though, I will just say that their backgrounds have formed a strong platform from which to speak.

They speak of stigma, discrimination, feelings of isolation and belonging. The work, produced and directed by Anne Sorenson, is part of the Sharing Stories project, which combines the unique personal experiences of those involved with investigations and research to create a provocative look at Australia’s political and cultural landscape.

The performers took turns to feature at the microphones at the front of the stage, to share their story, while the rest of the cast created subtle movement pieces and soundscapes, creating a dynamic background.

Cross Country / Cross Cultures had its premiere at the 20th international HIV/AIDs conference in Melbourne in 2014.

Myriad Productions presents
Cross Country / Cross Cultures

Venue: Teatro 1 - Perth Cultural Centre | Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 19 – 22 February 2015

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