Glitches in Reality v2.0 | Simon CoronelSimon Coronel is an international award winning illusionist. He brings to the 2015 Perth Fringe – Glitches in Reality, version 2.0. It’s nothing short of mind-blowing. I’m a massive fan of England’s national treasure, the illusionist Derren Brown, and to my delight, I found there were many similarities between Brown and Coronel’s work.

Part way through the show, Coronel asked us to categorise ourselves into two groups. Group One was made up of the people who were fervently watching his every move, trying to figure it out. The second group was those among us who just wanted to feel shocked and amazed. I fell into the first group. I was leaning forward in my seat, focussed on his hands, eyes, everything I could to figure out how he was doing it.

He openly tells us that he has no special powers, that the things he does aren’t meant to look difficult, they’re meant to look impossible. And, they do!

Unlike so many other illusionists, Simon Coronel calls “Bullsh*t” on the idea of magic within the first few minutes of the show. The only illusion he doesn’t entertain is one that he did a semester at Hogwarts and is now capable of actually making things disappear and reappear. He teases us by repeating tricks, doing them slowly and challenging us to see them for what they really are. I’ve never seen an illusionist take this personable and friendly approach before. Usually it’s all puffs of smoke, sweeping capes and dramatic reveals.

Coronel tells us that the brain can alter our perception of reality. The hand is not quicker than the eye, the brain is a little bit too clever for our own good. It tells us to believe what we expect to be true, and he uses this incredible phenomenon for our own (and a little of his, I suspect) entertainment.

It must be a joy for him every night to look out and see our stunned faces, shaking our heads in disbelief.

Coronel invited several audience members up onto the stage at various times, and had them simply follow his instructions and do seemingly impossible tricks. After years of practice, he has fine-tuned this show to be tight; packed to the brim with illusion, theatre, clowning and comedy. Even so, I was left wanting more! So much so, I think I will go again!

Black Label Productions presents
Glitches in Reality
Simon Coronel

Venue: Teatro 2 - The Pleasure Garden | The Pleasure Garden, James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 17 – 22 Feb 2015

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