Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd: 200 Voicemails | Weeping Spoon ProductionsBeing at Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd’s stand-up comedy is what I imagine watching a Kelpie who has been kept indoors and is only let outside for an hour would look like. The guy’s stance and pace is frenetic, I have no idea how he works within the confines of a chair, microphone and headphones in radio, but he does.

I first discovered the musical comedy genius of “Luke & Wyatt” in 2007 and have seen them a few times since at Fringe Festivals. They have gone on to have an illustrious career in almost every area of television, web series’, radio and live performing arts. While this is a solo show for Nixon-Lloyd, his business partner and friend, Luke Ryan, is still heavily present in the piece, and indeed in the audience last night.

Nixon-Lloyd brings several of his friends, workmates and randoms into his show by playing voicemails that they left him when he was going through a “life-hack” phase of not listening to any, but saying that he did. Looking back, it may not have been such a good idea, but it sure made for a unique impetus for a hilarious stand up show.

Look, the format isn’t slick. With all the technical elements and potential for error, it’s actually pretty clunky. He might have been pretty nervous as well, we found out later that both his mum and his wing man Luke were in the audience, and he missed several bits of his script. We totally forgave him though as he jumped around, completely honest in his mistakes and turning them into opportunities for another punchline.

We played a game of “Flirty or not Flirty” wherein Nixon-Lloyd would play us messages and we had to decide whether or not the caller was coming on to him. Another segment was called “Lucky Dip” which saw him delve into a folder on his computer that he had reserved for the show. This was full of voicemails he hadn’t listened to yet and gambled on playing them for the first time live in front of the audience. The first one we got was from his brother, but aside from a cheeky little “how’s your father joke”, Nixon-Lloyd deemed this a bit boring so he played us another. The second one was quite lengthy and decidedly saucy, ending with the flirty female voice telling Wyatt, “I like you”.

Nixon-Lloyd did a bit (lovingly) making fun of his mum and the messages she used to leave him always specifying her exact location when she was calling from her mobile phone – such a “mum-getting-down-with-technology” thing to do. He regaled us with crazy stories about growing up in the middle of outback nowhere, and getting phone reception meant you must have been having a sunny day. Family is always good fodder for comedy routines.

But it wasn’t all beer and skittles. Nixon-Lloyd slowed his pace for just a few minutes at the end to play us a couple of deeply emotional, heartfelt message from his friend Luke and his ex-girlfriend on the night of their difficult break-up. The poignant voicemail messages he played us accompanied his (unexpected) core metaphorical message was that our loved ones just want to be heard and our greatest gift can be to listen to them.

Weeping Spoon Productions present
Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd: 200 voicemails

Venue: Casa Mondo | The Pleasure Garden, James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: February 10 – 15, 2015 
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

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