SKIN DEEP | Pickering ProductionsIn Legally Blonde, when Elle Woods gets ridiculed by her stupid ex-boyfriend, Warner, and she’s desperate in tears, where does she go to let it all out? That’s right, to Stifler’s Mom! No, wait I’m mixing up my movies. She goes to Paulette Bonafonte, the beauty therapist.

Every woman knows that hairdressers get all the good gossip as we sit in the chairs completely disarmed by the scalp massage and promise of a fresh outlook. In much the same way, our beauty therapist has probably seen us in positions of vulnerability reserved only for the biennial trip to the gyno. SKIN DEEP not only exposes these confessions, but it takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the lengths we will go to, to feel comfortable in our bodies.

SKIN DEEP is the brain child of Cynthia Fenton who has been scribbling ideas down after each waxing, mentally recording absurd conversations she had overheard and observing the characteristics of beauty therapists and clients alike.

Tyler Jacob Jones (F**k Decaf & Point & Shoot) assisted Fenton to collate her ideas and drafts into a full script and also directed the show. Being familiar with his work, I was able to recognise the quirks and moments that are the trademark of a TJJ production. There is just something about this talented young man’s humour that creates ridiculous moments that are laugh-out-loud funny!

The show is performed by Fenton, Lindsay McNab and Grace Edwards. Each woman represented a different generation and they cycled through the skits which had a “Law & Order” crimes against the beauty industry theme. Included in the comedy sketches were a number of pop songs that had been augmented to contribute to the narrative. All three ladies were lovely singers and their harmonies were a highlight.

Timothy How was the Musical Director for SKIN DEEP and plays piano accompaniment. As unassuming as he seems at first, How contributes to the show with his acerbic asides and his facial expressions.  He even gets his own song half way through the show, which displays his delightful singing voice as well as giving the girls a much needed, short rest.

Because the performers played so many different roles each, it was hard for them to maintain a definitive character journey as beauty therapists who all worked together in the salon. They did try to each create an interesting arc for themselves; Fenton came off as cold and jaded, McNab as warm but a little naïve and Edwards rounded out the trio as the bouncy bimbo.

There were a lot of ladies giggling to themselves and each other in the audience as they recognised aspects of themselves or friends on stage. I certainly hope that there were a lot of beauty therapists as well who would, no doubt, recognise themselves and their clients.

SKIN DEEP is a very funny show, performed well. Check it out if you can.

Pickering Productions present

Director Tyler Jacob Jones

Venue: Hellenic Club | 75 Stirling St, Perth, WA
Dates: February 11 – 15, 2015

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