Last Rounds | The Pink CouchI don’t remember the character’s name … the sad girl drinking whisky, and honestly if I had met her in a bar at 2am, I would probably have made my polite excuses after a while and found somewhere else to be.

There was nothing wrong with Rebecca Makin-Taylor’s performance. She is a capable actress, very attractive and interestingly dressed. What was tedious however, was her blocking. She spent the first 30 minutes slouched in her chair and when she finally got up, she stood in the same spot down stage centre for about ten minutes before returning to her seat. This shouldn’t really matter though, if the script and delivery is engaging. Still, it felt very dull.

I kept drifting off because the narrative had very little drive. The whole show was a very long monologue from a bored, half-drunk, miserable woman who had fallen in love with a married man, only to have him cheat on her too.

Of the more than 500 shows available to see at Fringe this year, I chose Last Rounds because of Tara Notcutt, the writer and director who in 2012 brought us …miskien, which I absolutely loved. There was none of the emotional range, dynamic staging or intrigue in this show however.

What I did thoroughly enjoy though, was the soundtrack which underscored most of the show.

I wanted to like the character and I wanted to like the show, but it was just too 2-dimensional for me.

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights & The Pink Couch in association with PICA present
Last Rounds

Venue: The Blue Room Theatre Studio | Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: until 21 Feb 2015

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