The Worst of Scottee | Scottee IncIn The Worst of Scottee, the audience becomes party to Scottee working through his deepest regrets and darkest secrets. In essence it is a shared therapy session.

Almost everyone has skeletons in their closet, things that have dramatically altered the course of their existence. When we find those things start negatively affecting our present lives, we generally read some self-help books, chat to friends or take ourselves off to yoga, a healing retreat or a therapists office to deal with the symptoms in a safe space. Scottee has dragged his dirty laundry onto the stage for all to see and judge.

Using a psychotherapist and a filmmaker, Scottee dug through the mud of his past and interviewed people he once knew to gauge their opinions of him. He then shared their testimonies as well as his own version of events.

Some of the stories that Scottee tells are easy to relate to, and I feel that there is a wide spectrum of possibilities for audiences to either connect or be driven away from the authenticity of the performance.

The narrative design is interesting. Scottee is seated inside a photo booth which has him with his side profile to the audience for the majority of the performance. There is a camera inside the booth however, that projects his face onto a screen on the side of the booth. This screen is at times used to play interviews with people from Scottee’s past.

The Worst of Scottee is true to its name, very brave, and the ultimate confessional.

Scottee Inc. and Theatre Works present
The Worst of Scottee 

Venue: Connections Nightclub | 81 James Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA
Dates: February 4 –7, 2015 

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