All Guns Blazing | Jeff GreenJeff Green is 50, he’s been doing comedy for quite a while and yet he remains one of the most fresh and delightful onstage performers.

His charm lies in his ingenuous manner. He chats to the audience engagingly about his family, their pet cat, his personal goals and his endearing fondness for his adopted country Australia. 

He shares all manner of whimsical trains of thought and invites one along for the journey. If that makes him sound like one of his topics “hippies”, make no mistake he is a polished performer with seasons from London’s West End to North West Karratha under his belt. Excellent material in the latter long ago WA regional tour!

This show rambled through mining magnates (comparable in appearance to Ukranian hookers) to his children (“Voldemort and Lucifer”) and the concept of Australian driving habits to name but a few inspired topics.

Viewing life from his mature perspective received delighted response from the packed audience. His sophisticated analysis of parental and child relationships being like Stockhausen Syndrome, i.e. the captives fall in love with their torturers, drew vociferous crowd appreciation.

The glacial pace of child development was contrasted neatly with the eternal “They grow up so quickly, don’t they?” comment, guaranteed to grit parental teeth quicker than superglue.

Green is an agile comic with a gift for mimicry. He underlines his characterizations and reactions to situations with often hilarious body language. 

Having seen his shows before I was surprised at a new innovation, a clever rap piece which went down extremely well. There was also a nifty poem about the vicissitudes of being fifty which he read aloud from a hand written piece of paper. “I wrote this on the plane”.

Green returned frequently to the theme of happiness. What constitutes pleasure and satisfaction with life. He seems to be a contented man to whom small intangible things are just as valuable as larger manifestations of fiscal success. Well certainly some of them anyway.

He rounded off the performance with a personal ode/hymn/tribute, “Why not all of them?” to the Australian way of life. I have no doubt it was utterly sincere and cleverly it cut through any sentimentality to leave the audience thrilled, proud and giggling. 

He made us very happy!

All Guns Blazing
Jeff Green

Venue: The Gold Digger | State Theatre Centre of WA, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 5 – 7 February 2015
Bookings: www

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