Minge World | Tanya GagneOh, I wanted so much to like this because I love Tanya Gagne (of Wau Wau Sisters fame) and she did show off some of her incredible trapeze and balancing strength in Minge World, but in truth, I just didn’t get it.

I tried to find meaning in the opening number which was quite a delightful dance play; and as the women frolicked about in their animal masks, furry tailed G-strings and feathery pasties, I tried to imagine that we were entering a blissful female utopian forest where all the creatures lived in harmony.

That worked for a little while, and I held onto that thread of normalcy for as long as I could. My resolve was decidedly shaken all too soon.

When I got home, I turned to the media release for answers and it speaks of a “joyful celebration of freedom and fearlessness”. So, I tried to frame the “meat curtains” set and the “bloody thighs and skipping with the entrails” scene within that context; but I needed more help!

I searched for a through line about empowerment and freedom, and I think it was deeply hidden behind the “lip synching” of “You Don’t Own Me”. However, this was performance art, and it wasn’t willing to hold my hand and spoon feed me a monologue about feminism just so I could feel complete.

Follow the yellow brick road to Minge World if you must (I think I got lost and I’m still passed out in the field of poisoned poppies) and if you meet the Wizard (or Evil Woman as the case may be), I hope he/she gives you the answers I didn’t find.

Tanya Gagne

Venue: De Parel Spiegeltent | Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, WA
Dates: January 29 – February 3, 2015
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

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