All Out of Pride | Quinn & de GrussaGeraldine Quinn and Michael de Grussa set the 80’s retro tone immediately in their all-white ensembles. She in culottes, cheesecloth blouse, high brown boots and statement matching belt. He in skim-fitting jeans and shirt, with a touch of glam, glitter cowdy boots.

Quinn led off the fabulous, “one-joke” proceedings with an amazing vocal display. Her range is phenomenal and her comedic timing beyond reproach. Plus she is gorgeous (in facial repose) and her incredibly mobile and hilarious expressions are delicious. Her foil, Michael de Grussa, suitably hirsute and darkly handsome, is wonderful on the keyboard as well as vocally adept. The “schtick” is classic partners in crime stuff and they bounce off one another verbally superbly as well as musically.

Given the theme of songs of which you are embarrassed to know the words, it was really surprising to see the mixed age audience happily joining in to lyrics of songs like Hall & Oates “Band of Horses” and Michael Bolton’s “How Can We be Lovers if we can’t be Friends?”

How do some of these patrons in their 20’s know the words? Research or perhaps constant past parental airplay?

Memorable moments were the brilliant Southern accent assumed by de Grussa in a Kenny Rodgers /Sheena Easton duet, where Quinn exaggeratedly mumbled the lyrics to the point of incomprehension. Barry Manilow received a glowing tribute in the form of “Mandy” – milked for all it was worth.

”Don’t worry there’s lots more choruses!”

The finale, the theme from Dirty Dancing, was received ecstatically. Deservedly so, the choreography satirizing that of the famous film sequence, was funny and clever, especially given the limitations of the small venue, DeLuxe. To quote that very song, “I had the time of my life!” So did the sell-out audience.

The show runs until 1 February. Four more shows only. Try to get a ticket!   

Quinn & de Grussa presents
All Out of Pride
An Evening of Songs You're Ashamed to Love

Venue: DeLuxe | The Pleasure Garden, James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: January 29 – February 1, 2015

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